$9.50 - Scull Grips for Rowing Oars, By Croker

Croker Scull Grip - Grey
Croker Scull Grip - Green

Replacement sculling grips to fit most sculls, made by Croker Oars. Also may be used for outboard grip of some sweep oars. Available in limited quantities at a close-out price. Available colors are grey and green.

These replacement scull grips are made from an injection molded thermoplastic elastomer, and designed for optimum comfort and grip while rowing. Grips are smooth (constant grip diameter), these are not the "anatomically" shaped Croker grips.

Grips fit 32 mm (1 1/4") standard shaft and are 130 mm (5 1/4") long.

$9.50 / pair while supplies last.




*Please note that this is a clearance item, and therefore all sales are final -- no refunds.